Downtown Movie Series – Raleigh

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Downtown Raleigh has a special event series going on called Downtown Raleigh Movie Series. Every Friday in June there is going to be a free movie at 6:00 pm! The movie of this week is The Goonies. The rest of the schedule is listed below! Plan a family outing in Raleigh one Friday! Each event includes food trucks, DJ music and beer and wine tents.
June 12, Back to the Future

June 19, The Karate Kid

June 26, King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Location: City Plaza – 400 block Fayetteville St



Looking for a Place to Retire?

Raleigh, NCAre you looking for a place to relocate to retire? You might not have to go as far as you think! On the list of the top 10 Best Cities to Retire (according to CNN Money) among Pittsburgh, Boise, Lexington, and Salt Lake City is Raleigh, NC! The current population is 431,800 and from 2000 until 2010 the population of those aged 55 to 64 increased by 97%. Raleigh has mild four season weather and lost cost while still providing that Big City feel. I highly recommend that you check out Midtown/North Hills for the great deals and location. As we say in Real Estate: Location, Location, Location! Townhouses in that area go for about $200,000, which isn’t all that bad when you think about the price of a home. With a townhouse you have less lawn to manage versus that from a regular home.

In the city of Raleigh there is a variety of restaurants, sources of entertainment and art pieces to enjoy. You can go for Southern Barbecue one night or Italian the next, maybe try Mediterranean. The Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts shows everything from musicals to operas to housing local high school graduations! With income taxes at 5.8%, sales tax at 6.75% and median property tax at $1,800 there are plenty of reasons why you should consider Raleigh, NC as your place to relocate during retirement.

Kit Homes in Raleigh

Did you know that going on right now in Raleigh is an exhibit called Kit Homes in Raleigh? There was a popular method for ordering your dream home in which you ordered your home and it would show up in pieces…with an instruction manual. They reached their height of popularity of the 1920’s and can still be found today in small rural towns and large cities. In the current exhibit you can view where in Raleigh the kit homes are located, as well as pictures of the city’s best examples.

This exhibit is currently located at the City of Raleigh Museum which has been around since 1993. The museum was a place to host the city of Raleigh‘s artifacts and preserve the past. For more information, please call (919) 996-2220.