Aviator Brewing Company – Fuquay Varina


Aviator brewery
The Aviator Brewery located in Fuquay Varina has a very interesting history, and the name pretty much says it all! They opened in 2008 in an airplane hangar using dairy tanks which held about 300 gallons each. Due to the popularity of the beer, they moved to a larger location and have added several additions and fermenters. As of June this year they canned over one million cans of beer, pretty exciting! Their brewery offers tours Thursday through Sunday, please make sure to check out their website (address below) for more specifics.
In addition to the Brewery, there is also the Tap House and Smoke House. The Tap House is located at 600 E. Broad Street in Fuquay, opened in 2009 in an old train depot. If you ask me, they have the coolest locations going on! The Smoke House is located across the street and opened it’s doors in 2011. They have a wonderful catering menu, and you need to try their smoked wings when you get a chance, they are worth it!


Location: 209 Technology Park Ln, Fuquay Varina

Phone: (919) 567-BEER (2337)

Website: http://www.aviatorbrew.com/



Bombshell Beer Company – Holly Springs, NC

BSBCI bet you have noticed by now that there is a theme to this week’s posts! You can go back anytime in the side bar to find out more information on these local breweries by checking the Lifestyles of the City you are interested in, or by checking out the Brewery Tab we well!

Today we are featuring Bombshell Beer Company located in Holly Springs, NC. The name of the company comes from the history of beer brewing to be credited to women. One of the oldest known recipes for beer that dates back almost 4,000 years is from the goddess Ninkasi! Since then, it was the woman’s job to brew beer for the household until it started to decline after the “Enlightenment”. This company really took the time to do their research and just by simply visiting their website you can learn a lot of history! Also find out information on their Food Truck, Live Music Events, and hours for their Tap Room.

Location: 120 Quantum Drive, Holly Springs

Phone: (919) 823-1933

Website: http://www.bombshellbeer.com/

Brüeprint Brewing Company – Apex, NC

BrueprintJust opened in Apex, NC  the Grand Opening of the Brüeprint Brewing Company was at the start of June. The company started our of a family kitchen in Holly Springs, NC. Eric Wagner decided to combine his talent for gourmet cooking with over 20 years of expertise in engineerings. What he came up with was “Better than a recipe, a brewing ‘blueprint’ combines science and great culinary skill to create a Brüeprint“. This will be the first handcrafted brewery in the Apex area. They have a great mission to pull you away from your computer and cell phone, and have an actual social experience with friends and family over the game, a band performance or just going out to dinner.

Their four main products are Brüenette (premier craft brown ale with warm overtones of chocolate), Brüe Scarlet  (sultry amber ale with a refreshing balanced flavor), Pale Brüe Eyes (crisp, delicious pale ale that finishes with a desire for more), and Edinbrüe (unique, frisky scotch ale that packs a “wee-heavy-punch” with a smooth malty taste). Make sure to check out their Facebook page for information on events, as well as locations of Food Trucks that have their beers!

Location: 1229 Perry Road, Apex 27502

Phone: (919) 387-8075

Fortnight Brewing – Cary, NC


Fortnight Brewing Company is located in Cary and is a local Craft Brewery and Pub. The main style of their Beer reflects the taste of UK beers, with a range of English Ale, Porter and ESB using only English grown yeast and ingredients. Owners of the Brewery include North Carolina natives, as well as English citizens. Call the number below for more information on tasting events, and where their Food Truck will be located!

Fun fact: Fort-night is a noun that means “period of two weeks, which is approximately how long the typical craft ale takes to fully ferment.” 

You can find Fortnight Beers at the following locations in the area: Preston Country Club, Abbey Road Tavern and Grill, Mellow Mushroom, Amante Gourmet Pizza, Koka Booth Ampitheatre, Academy Street Bistro and more.

Location: 1006 SW Maynard Road

Phone: (919) 342-6604