Safe Trick or Treating!

happy-halloween1Happy Halloween to all! I hope you have had a wonderful month of October, and as we prepare for the kitties to go Trick or Treating tonight, I thought it would help to post some tips on staying safe.

1. Bring a Flashlight! That way you can see as you walk on some uneven ground, as well as being seen a little better by cars that drive by.

2. Make sure that your Child knows to walk beside you as you go from house to house. This way you can keep an eye on them, and be there in case they trip in the dark. You never know what obstacles you’ll face on the road.

3. Make sure you both are wearing comfy shoes! There might be a lot of walking on the path to the ultimate candy collection. It would be best to make sure your feet as comfortable.

4. Is the costume long? Trying on the costume before the night of is good not only to ensure it fits, but to see if any drags along the ground. This extra fabric should be cut in order to avoid less trips.

5. Check their candy after! Before your child starts to dig into their stash, make sure that all the candy is safe. That nothing is out of the wrapper or wrapped in something different.


Cary Town Center – Cary, NC

trick_or_treatingIt can be a little scary for younger children to go trick or treating. You have to make sure that they do not go out too late, that they are safe with the houses they go to, and what candy may be handed out. An easy way to go trick or treating this year would be to go to your local Mall! Cary Town Center does trick or treating for youngsters, and they also have costume contests and face painting! What better way to have your child experience Halloween then in a safe, well lit area? You would get just as much candy, but by much safer means for those who many be trick or treating for the first time.

Location: 1105 Walnut St, Cary, NC 27511

Phone: (919) 467-0145