C Tran in Cary, NC

8186The C Tran service is a great resource for our Senior Citizens in Cary, but it is not limited to them alone. Anyone can pick up the C Tran at one of their many stops around Cary, aside from Sundays, that is the only day they do not run. You can either do the fixed route or door to door option for taking the C Tran. Door to Door is great for when you have a Doctor’s Appointment somewhere, check their page for more information on the fees to going to other areas in the Triangle. I have never taken the C Tran myself, but my friends who have said they wish they had done so sooner! It is also a safe travel method for my daughters when they go to the mall and want to spend a day shopping! A friend’s Great Aunt uses it as their main transportation to the Doctor and for going to Mass on weekends. We always see  the C Tran outside of St. Michael’s and Cary Towne Center.

Have you taken the C Tran before? What was your experience like?

More Information: http://www.townofcary.org/Departments/fdts/trafficandtransportation/CTran.htm

Phone: (919) 469-4080 – For Direct Information

Reservations: (919) 481-2020


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