Fortnight Brewing – Cary, NC


Fortnight Brewing Company is located in Cary and is a local Craft Brewery and Pub. The main style of their Beer reflects the taste of UK beers, with a range of English Ale, Porter and ESB using only English grown yeast and ingredients. Owners of the Brewery include North Carolina natives, as well as English citizens. Call the number below for more information on tasting events, and where their Food Truck will be located!

Fun fact: Fort-night is a noun that means “period of two weeks, which is approximately how long the typical craft ale takes to fully ferment.” 

You can find Fortnight Beers at the following locations in the area: Preston Country Club, Abbey Road Tavern and Grill, Mellow Mushroom, Amante Gourmet Pizza, Koka Booth Ampitheatre, Academy Street Bistro and more.

Location: 1006 SW Maynard Road

Phone: (919) 342-6604


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