What is your favorite brewery in Raleigh, Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs and surrounding areas?

WORKThere is a new craft beer shop opening on Fayetteville Street around Thanksgiving this year! It is going to be Paddy O’Beers but do not assume from the title and logo that this is going to be your typical Irish Pub because there is so much more to it! I asked about your favorite Brewery because Paddy O’Beers plans to always include beers from local breweries in their rotation on the taps, as well as have bottle beers from all across the Nation and World on hand. The only thing that won’t be on the menu is the mixed drinks and liquor, but there will be some wines available. A large outdoor patio can seat up to thirty people and would be a great meeting place after work for some snacks and some drinks. Make sure you stop by and check it out once it opens.

Paddy O’Beers
Bottle Shop and Tasting Room
121 Fayetteville Street #114


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